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Matrix NEO! Start

13.7 usd

This App turns your Android Device (>4.02) to a mobile input device for your Matrix-Pos cash register. So the waiter can do most of the cash register functions (take new orders, pay tables, split orders ...) right at the guest table and the Android Device sends the command via wlan or 3g to your cash register! Functions currently supported are: - Select guest table via graphical room layout, by number or from list containing orders. - take new orders on these tables - ask automatic article infos e.g. how should the steak be prepared (rare, medium, well done) - change price and text of an order - different ways of payment. (cash, credit card, debitor clientdatabase, hotel room etc.) - splitt one big table to different bills. - restore bills - several discounts - individual function menu - hotkeys for articles ordered most. Matrix NEO is not for the private but only only for commercial use.You need a IP connection from your handheld device to your Cash register System (Matrix-Pos only!) to work with the program. If you want to test the App please contact us before you buy the App. Please call +49 681 95814-0 or send a request to: For working with your local cash register hardware you need an additional Interface on your cash register PC (Matrix-Pos).This interface can be rented by your local cash register dealer and will cost extra money. Matrix POS® ist an registered Trademark of the 42 GmbH